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In recent years, corporate responsibility has taken a new turn by emphasizing the need to preserve the environment.

The implementation of policies in favour of sustainable development has therefore become essential for companies. Much more than a “notoriety” issue for brands, eco-responsibility can be cost-efficient or even profitable.

This is why Stratus Packaging has decided to expand its offer: to help its customers to reduce their environmental impact despite the growth of their business.


A historical perspective

For many years now, the company has integrated actions in favour of respect of the environment into its internal policy. Several measures have already been put in place to improve waste management and reduce energy consumption while continuing to develop the company’s activity.

Stratus does not stop there, since many new projects are in progress, such as the installation of an evaporator to reduce ink waste from water-flexo production or the change of UV flexo press dryers to replace them with new generation UV dryers that consume less energy, or even LED cassettes to crosslink inks at best with as least energy as possible.

This policy is even more beneficial to it because today, the market is more and more stringent and one of the essential requirements is the preservation of the environment. As a result, it was able to easily adapt its production methods to meet new rules.

The company was awarded a bronze medal by EcoVadis for its CSR approach, notably thanks to an improvement in its waste reprocessing.

Stratus Packaging expanded its share of reprocessed and recycled waste. The company now reprocesses more than 90% of its waste to transform it into fuel for electricity and hot water production.


Why follow this approach?

The use of eco-responsible products meets several interests.

First, it reduces its carbon footprint and the quantity of waste produced. The cost of waste treatment becomes lower, which can increase the margin on some products.

Putting more ecological products on sale can also allow access to new markets or attract new customers, who are more stringent on the environmental footprint of the products they buy.


Stratus’s solutions

Stratus Packaging supports its customers in their efforts to improve waste management by offering eco-responsible labels: recyclable, biosourced and FSC-certified products.

Recycling is a process that consists in revaluing materials or products that are no longer useful.

We offer recyclable backings (film, silicone paper or PET on which the label is placed before use). Some companies such as “Cycle 4 Green” offer to collect this waste in order to treat it and transform it into paper or plastic film.

Regarding packaging reduction, Stratus Packaging proposes a range of fine paper that offers up to 30% material saving.




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