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Stratus Packaging Group is one of the European leaders in the manufacture of printed labels.

With 300 people and a turnover of 50 million euros, Stratus Packaging integrates all the packaging solutions for your products :

By creating a strong industrial group of 6 manufacturing units and 1 subsidiary in Switzerland, the Stratus group sought out the most effective organizational links while maintaining the identity and culture of the sites. Its extends its offer and presents to its customers the widest range of printing solutions and service products on the market.

Restructuring by markets : service and customized advice. Technical and know-how will always be essential assets in our markets. But what makes the difference between two companies is often the quality of service and advice provided to the customer. Which is precisely to strengthen our ability to deliver the right answer at the right time that we restructure our business by market.

4 markets = 4 identities

To differentiate each market, we chose to give them a strong visual identity, with a specific colour code. Our customers can immediately move in these specialized environments created for them.

Our size, our dynamism, our strong responsiveness and adaptability make us your preferred industrial partner



1st of April creation
of Seec company
Acquisition of
Etinord company
Acquisition of
Martin company
Creation of
Stratus Packaging Group
Isidore Leiser
becomes CEO
of the group
Creation of a
subsidiary in Switzerland
JPL buyout becoming
Stratus Health & Beauty
Multi-year investment plan of 10 million Euros
Etanor buyout becoming Stratus Digital Nord

Lean approach

In a constant effort to improve the satisfaction of its customers, the Stratus Packaging Group has decided to support its growth by defining new managerial practices. It is in this context that we chose lean management, with the essential principle of aligning the entire performance of the company with the needs of the customer.

Lean is a management method that aims atimproved business performance by the development of all employees. The method allows you to search for ideal operating conditions by working together with staff, equipment and sites to add value with the least waste possible.

The dual purpose of Lean Management is the complete satisfaction of the company’s customers (which translates into sales) and the success of each employee (which translates into motivation and commitment).

The Lean approach at Stratus Packaging:

To work in group to:

  • Identify activities without VA (added value) for the client (which bring nothing to him).
  • Identify on the ground the possible improvements.
  • Implement actions that impede performance.

Context and challenges:

  • Reduce delays by identifying VA creative activities Standardising our working methods to limit variability, evoked flows are industrial as well as administrative (all services).
  • Deploy and anchor the continuous improvement approach at all levels.
  • Breaking down services to reach a common goal (satisfaction of our customers in terms of quality- deadlines- costs).

Approach initiated in 2011, the results obtained are spectacular in terms of efficiency and performance gains, both in Lean Office with the reduction of order processing times – upstream production, and in manufacturing with the deployment of SMED’s 5S particularly in our workshops.

The integration of a dedicated Lean group leader since 2015 confirms Stratus Packaging’s continuous improvement approach at all levels. Virtually all employees, thanks to their expertise in the field and their ideas, regularly participate in targeted working groups aimed at increasing customer satisfaction, but also our efficiency and our satisfaction at work.

“We work continuously in developing our internal organisation and improving performance. We have several LEAN sites open for production, administrative and logistic service: 5S, SMED shipyard, etc…”


Quality approach


We are ISO 9001 certified (according to the latest 2015 version), QUALETIQ, BRC IOP (STRATUS IML website and STRATUS ETINORD) and Imprim’vert.

We are engaged in a process of continuous improvement, and our general policy is articulated around the following 4 axes:

  1. Improving the satisfaction of our customers and prospects, which implies a better control of our deadlines and an improvement in the quality of our products.
  2. Continuous innovation on products and services bringing to our customers new solutions, as well as better control over our costs and processes.
  3. Motivate and involve all staff in the performance of our company by building on training fortification, communication and appreciation of collective or individual performance.
  4. Adapt our processes for a use of eco-friendly products, and sort our waste.


Stratus packaging groupe certification

Environmental approach

Stratus packaging groupe

Stratus packaging and its environmental approach :

Stratus Packaging offers solutions for waste reduction and eco-friendly products.

It is Stratus Packaging’s desire to reduce backing waste at its customers which became a reality in 2012, thanks to the possibility of using synthetic backings :

  • PET clear 30 microns.
  • PET clear 23 microns.
  • PP clear 30 microns.

It has been easily demonstrated that the use of a backing of 23 or 30 microns (instead of a glassine of 54 microns) allows the increase of label amount in a roll between 18 and 27%.

Finally : fewer reel changes so fewer line stops reducing the tonnage of waste to be collected and destroyed.

Stratus Packaging has developed a computer tool to calculate potential savings per product line.


Sustainable development & organic sourced materials :

95% of the materials we use are ecocertified , we can do so thanks to our suppliers proposed sourced organic materials (from organic biomass contrary to materials with a fossil origin (coal, gas, oil …), based on bagasse, cotton, seaweed and sugar cane…

Organic Adhesives :

Possibility of using organic adhesives.

Recycling backings :

We set up a process of backings recovery, for recycling all types of backs (yellow, white, blue, kraft…).



Index professional equality between women and men

In accordance with the provisions of the Avenir Professionnel law, aimed at eliminating the pay gap between women and men, Stratus Packaging and its various entities in France publish their Gender Equality Index.

What does this index consist of?

According to the decree n° 2019-15 of January 8, 2019, the index, must be calculated from 4 to 5 indicators (depending on the size of the company) to be respected :

  • The gender pay gap.
  • The gap in individual pay rises.
  • The gap in promotions.
  • Increases upon return from maternity leave.
  • The number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid in the company.

The result gives a score out of 100 points. Each company must logically reach a minimum score of 75/100. If a company does not exceed this threshold, it has three years to bring itself into compliance by implementing corrective measures, failing which it may be sanctioned up to 1% of its payroll. The aim of this measure is to eliminate inequalities in the world of work between men and women.

Results for Stratus Packaging Group entities in France with more than 50 employees, from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019:

                 84/100                                         84/100

Stratus Martin site in Feytiat        Stratus Seec site in Viriat

These scores, significantly above the minimum 75 points required, demonstrate the Group’s long-standing commitment to gender equality in the workplace.


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