BRC Packaging Materials Certification: A Guarantee of Quality and Safety

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification for packaging materials is a globally recognized standard that ensures the quality, safety, and compliance of materials used for food product packaging. This certification is essential for manufacturers and suppliers who wish to demonstrate their commitment to best manufacturing practices and regulatory requirements.

What is BRC Packaging Materials Certification?

The BRC Packaging Materials certification is a standard developed by the British Retail Consortium to ensure that packaging materials meet food safety and quality requirements. It applies to manufacturers of all types of packaging materials, whether intended for food products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or other industries.

Why is it important?

  1. Food Safety: Food safety is a top priority for consumers and regulators. Packaging materials must be free from contaminants and not compromise the safety of the products they contain. BRC certification guarantees that the materials meet these stringent standards.
  2. Consumer Confidence: Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency and quality. A recognized certification like BRC strengthens consumer confidence in the products they purchase.
  3. Market Access: Many retailers and distributors require BRC certification for packaging materials. This certification is often a prerequisite for accessing certain international markets and collaborating with major retail chains.
  4. Risk Reduction: By adhering to BRC standards, companies can better manage risks related to product quality and safety. This can reduce costs associated with product recalls, litigation, and damage to the company’s reputation.

Criteria for BRC Packaging Materials Certification

The BRC Packaging Materials standard covers several key aspects of packaging material manufacturing:

  1. Management Commitment: The company’s management must demonstrate a strong commitment to product quality and safety.
  2. Quality Management System: The company must implement an effective quality management system, including documented procedures and regular controls.
  3. Site and Product Standards: Manufacturing facilities must meet strict standards for hygiene, contaminant control, and maintenance.
  4. Production Processes: Production processes must be controlled to ensure that packaging materials are manufactured according to specifications and regulatory requirements.
  5. Personnel: Training and competence of personnel are essential to ensure that manufacturing practices comply with BRC standards.

How to Obtain BRC Packaging Materials Certification?

To obtain BRC Packaging Materials certification, a company must follow several steps:

  1. Initial Assessment: An evaluation of the company’s current practices against BRC standards.
  2. Compliance Implementation: Implementation of necessary changes to comply with certification criteria.
  3. Audit by an Accredited Body: An audit conducted by an accredited third-party organization to verify compliance with BRC standards.
  4. Certification Achievement: If the audit is successful, the company receives BRC certification for a specified period, typically renewable annually.


The BRC Packaging Materials certification is a guarantee of quality and safety that can bring numerous benefits to packaging material manufacturers. By ensuring that products meet the highest standards, this certification helps companies differentiate themselves in the market, gain consumer trust, and reduce risks associated with product quality and safety.

For more information on BRC certification and how to obtain it, it is recommended to consult resources available on the official British Retail Consortium website and work with specialized consultants to ensure full compliance.

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